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PTE Exam Preparation

PTE Exam Preparation

Why Test-Takers Prefer PTE?

PTE is entirely a computer-based test in which computer-based marking is done. This exam is intended to determine the English skills of the applicant preparing to study or work abroad. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking exams are included in it.

Questions include two test skills together i.e., listening and typing, reading and communicating. The entire test is performed in one day, lasting 3 hours, and is taken in a safe test environment sitting on a computer. The exam’s speech part is conducted on the screen. Your voice is captured and labeled. It’s a multi-level exam like IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.

The best part of this exam is that results are declared within five working days. Test times are valid at any time. Cost of this test varies by region but ranges from $150-$210.

About PTE Exam Preparation

This course of Skill Raiser Training Institute offers the skills you need to score in the speaking PTE academic module combined with your written test.

Starting with “If you’re scored,” “History information,” and “What to expect,” we then continue with big lectures covering all the various question formats you could get at the exam.

Both query forms, response models, formulated responses, traps, etc., will be addressed, as well as examples, to give you a clearer idea of how it works.

There’s an additional segment at the end of each question form called “What if things go wrong?” It helps failures to apply what you’ve learned, and things don’t go as planned at test time.

You can also find all the necessary tools and models to learn and practice.

Test Format

PTE Academic test is divided into timed sections for 3 hours. There are 20 different activities. Any activities assess combined capabilities.



IntroductionIntroducing yourself timely. This segment isn’t evaluated.
Writing and SpeakingThis section must be completed in almost 77-93 min.
ReadThis section must be completed in almost 32-41 min.
BreakA 10 minutes optional break is given.
ListenThis section must be completed in almost45-57 min.

The timings displayed differ. The test will still last 3 hours.

PTE Preparation begins with Skill Raiser Training Institute! For years, we have been providing our services, and our expert personnel is well trained with the Pearson English Training Exam. PTE comprise of three sections which are discussed below:

Section 1: Writing And Speaking

In this segment, individuals should show their ability to communicate orally. Often this segment begins with an introduction, in which you must talk about yourself. This would not be counted in your ranking but will provide your context impression. Then the person must complete different activities of speaking such that:

  • Recognize the text line on the computer and read it aloud.
  • Reciting pictures or videos.
  • Hear a phrase and repeat it.
  • Giving concise answers to questions.

The segment ends with several writing-related activities. Here, the person first gives a reading, usually a passage of about 300 words, and then describes it in a single line. This completes the individuals writing a 300-word essay on a chosen subject. This segment mostly lasts between 93 and 77 minutes.

Section 2: Read

In this segment one’s competence is analyzed. The person will read several passages and answer questions depending on the text matter. The kinds of questions are as follows:

  • Rearranging paragraphs
  • Complete the missing blanks
  • Multi-choice questions

This is the shortest portion of the entire exam, and the participant must spend just 32-41 minutes on this segment.

Section 3: Listen

This segment has many tapes (audio) that individuals must listen to and answer questions. Activities in this section include:

  1. Summarize the spoken text, where the person listens, then writes a description of the content, and it should be relatively brief.
  2. The person will be asked multiple questions regarding a recording and will have to select the correct response from a list of choices. Every query may have only one correct response, whereas others may involve several correct answers.
  3. Fill in the blanks to see what was left out, as well as a couple of words. The participant must listen to the same data being reported and fill in the blanks with the right answers.
  4. The consumer listens to a recording and then evaluates many summaries to determine the right version. They must select the relevant definition based on these.
  5. Individuals will be asked to pick a missing word that precisely fills the audio recording space.
  6. Individuals see some text displayed on screen and then listens to a loud yet slightly variable audio recording of the same text in this section. Individuals must be able to understand language that has been modified or omitted.
  7. Another choice is to formulate from notation, which involves listening to a phrase and then writing it down. The length of the segment is 45-57 minutes.

PTE Mock-Test

Weekly Mock Exam with Trainers’ Feedback to make sure you’re on the right track and ultimately get your PTE band score.

Examination Retakes

There are no limitations on retaking the exam for PTE qualification. Therefore, at your convenience, whenever you wish to retake exam, you are allowed to do so. (There’s no limit on retaking the exam when you don’t pass it).

PTE Test Scoring

PTE scores from 10 to 90, with ten being the lowest and 90 being the highest. Increments occur by 1 point. The grading scale indicates the test taker’s skill to read, write, speak, and comprehend instructions in English. The scores are also given in a graph for simple candidate comprehension and areas of progress.

Period Of The Course

PTE Academic training course duration offered by Skill Raiser Training Institute is about 30 hours. 3 hours of training is provided in each session. We will offer you 30-hours understanding lectures of everything relevant to PTE test.

Who’s This Course For?

  • Students aspiring to work, study or immigrate to English-speaking countries.
  • Students with 90 points in PTE Academic.
  • Students who choose the best university to chase their dreams!

Why PTE Is The Test For You?

Unbiased Score

When you take the PTE exam, AI grades what you say against thousands of prior answers. That means you’re just graded for what you’re saying.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) scoring involves measuring the English language abilities by an algorithm that mimics how human markers will score based on a substantial number of answers. That means you’re just graded for what you’re saying.

Share Result Unlimited Times

PTE offers the right to share your score with as many organizations as you wish without any extra charge. This opportunity offers you more liberty to pursue your aspirations.

Efficient Testing and Quick Results

Using market-leading technologies, PTE gives unparalleled versatility to all test takers. Test taker outcomes are usually within 48 hours of testing, and PTE provides worldwide testing in over 350 test centers in over 70 countries.

Unlimited Approval of Migration and Study Applications

Thousands of academic programs worldwide consider PTE for thesis applications. Applications for UK, Australian, and New Zealand student visas and migration are now accepted.


  • Intermediate-level English skills

What We Provide

  • Modern communicative teaching techniques
  • Excellently structured course
  • Ample practice time
  • Useful, practical tips for examination
  • Authentic content
  • Free test-marking
  • Online PTE activity and mock exam
  • Get insights into five primary PTE readings
  • Know how to crack each PTE Reading object
  • Conceptualize collocations for easy answers
  • Mobile/TV connectivity
  • 32 hours in-class lecture, unlimited PTE online practice
  • Completion certificate

Why Choose Us

  • Classroom-based test preparations using validated Skill Raiser Training Institute’s approaches and techniques
  • Robust web tools with hours of additional material
  • High practice assessments

Often the easiest way to study for an exam is to enter and get face-to-face tuition. There are private language schools worldwide offering PTE Academic training courses. This ranges from rigorous week-long courses to up to six-month courses. Skill Riser Training Institute offers accredited PTE Preparation of Exams.

  • Feasible Classes Timings
  • Accessible
  • Affordable Fee
  • Expert Trainer Guidance
  • Convenient
  • Helpful Content
  • Proved

PTE High Scoring Benefits

  • Universities and colleges accept PTE Academic score as evidence of your English skills. A high grade in PTE Academic Perth is the fastest way to reach top-notch universities and colleges worldwide.
  • Strong PTE Academic score is a must to have your Visa application accepted when you travel to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • Jurisdictions globally consider high PTE scores as part of immigration or identification purposes.
  • For professionals pursuing lucrative job prospects overseas, a PTE score will offer a competitive advantage. Several countries have made working overseas obligatory to get a fixed score in PTE.

PTE Learning Course Outcome:

After completing the PTE preparation training course, students would develop their listening, communicating, writing, and reading skills. As a result, it will help people learn more things and understand potential problem-solving capabilities.

Q: How Does the PTE Work?

For Skill Raiser Training Institute’s PTE Course, you’ll attend the classes, and once you’ve done with them, you’ll memorize the models given by us. In the next step, you will have to go through an initial program evaluation and a complete test of all four modules. After 24 hours of practice, you will get feedback on your results.

After reviewing your exam, your study plan will be developed, considering areas of progress. Based on your results, you’ll appear for mock exams. Currently, at the end of each week, mock tests will be given to assess weekly results. After some practice exams, we should finalize the exam date.

Q: How Many Hours Must I Prepare to Get My Score?

Possibly 3-4 hours. Rest depends on the original evaluation and job areas.

Q: Can I Retake the PTE Test?

You can retake the PTE test as many times as you like, but you must wait before you collect your scores from one test prior to booking another.

Q: How Long Would My Target Scores Take?

It all depends on the preparation and consistency. Time can be linked explicitly to the target ranking. Possibly one month’s sufficient for each. If you want to reach 8 in each, it could stretch to 5-2 months. You should ensure that your efforts and regular practice faithfully match according to your trainers’ schedule.

Q: Why Is PTE Known as a ‘Quick’ Test?

PTE Academic is a fast test as the test results are delivered within five business days.

Q: What’s PTE’s Passing Marks?

There are no “Passing marks” in this test. You earn points depending on your ability to use English. PTE Academic tests the potential to use English in academic environments. The score report has an average score, 10-90 points. Separate scores are also given to each of the skills of – listening, speaking, writing, reading. The PTE score you can strive for depends on the course you qualify for. The following are usually needed;

For UK Tier 4 Visas for Students Wishing to Undergraduate:

PTE at least 36

Visas for Students Seeking to Study at Or Above Degree Level:

PTE at least 51

Keep in mind that if you want to continue your studies at any UK higher education institution, the university concerned would be the determining factor for the appropriate PTE ranking either at the degree level or above.

Usually, the following was seen as appropriate for UK university admissions:

  • For MBA: Minimum PTE 59-69
  • For Postgraduate Studies: Minimum PTE 57-67
  • For Undergraduate Studies: Minimum PTE 51-61