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IELTS Exam Preparation

Set Your Heart on 8+ IELTS score with Skill Riser Training Institute

Although not spoken in many countries, the English language is a multi-national language, yet a professional language applied in more than 50 countries. In the modern age, it is imperative to have full command of English to explore new carrier opportunities at home and in other countries. People who are aspiring to earn bread and honey in the foreign world must undergo English learning courses. This will enable them to secure excellent IELTS score for getting admission to the universities of their choice, qualify for a job, or obtain a visa in any foreign country.

Run-Through IELTS Course With Us

Skill Riser Institute is offering IELTS training courses under supervision of qualified experts that are honing the English language learning skills. Initially one may find it laborious activity i.e. getting skilled English proficiency, but we claim that it is mandatory to undergo intensive language skills training course to qualify for dream band score through IELTS experts.

Our trademarks

  • Proficient IELTS trainers
  • Daily, weekdays, evening, or Friday classes
  • Successful band score claim
  • Latest outlines and tips
  • Weekly practice and mock tests
  • Certified and register a place for IELTS exams
  • Multiple classes options with different durations to join our Course


One of the most popular English language proficiency measuring systems owned by the British Council and IDP that is acceptable for any foreign world goal is IELTS ‘International English Language Testing System’. It is a trustworthy system being applied in 10,000 organizations claiming to take three million tests each year. IELTS is given a nine-band scale scoring structure creating ranking at proficiency level from band score zero to expert level of nine.

What Type Of People Is This Course Meant For?

In the 21st century, it is foremost need to be efficient in English writing and speaking. Anyone who wants emigration, visa, job, or admission to a foreign institute must undergo an IELTS training course. Skill Riser Training Institute is committed to enable people to get the highest score in IELTS. Ministry of education (MOE) demands IELTS qualified teachers therefore whosoever is interested in MOE; this course is also meant for them.

Where Is IELTS Certification Acceptable?

Nearly all developed countries accept IELTS certification as a roof of proficient English. Individuals who want to migrate to Canada, UK, Australia, the US, and New Zealand must pass the English test before getting enrolled in any place.

IELTS Tests Types

There are two types of IELTS tests. Skill Riser Training Institute offers training in both trials to fulfil your needs.

1. IELTS General test training

For someone who is keenly interested to migrate to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, IELTS General Test is the right consideration. Our institute offers the best general training for people who want to get settled or secure temporary job in the developed countries.

2. IELTS Academic Test Training

If you are looking for higher education learning or registration in English-speaking countries, you must pass the IELTS academic test. Our training program covers all English language features to enable students to pass through the Academic Test with a maximum score band.

Why People Face Failure In IELTS

  • Grammatical errors
  • Lack of time management
  • Less consistency
  • Unable to utilize skills at the right place

Most of the time, non-native people have no grammar command, and about 70-80% of people get failed in the first attempt. About 50% are good at listening but cannot write answers professionally for Cambridge.

A famous proverb rightly fits here ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ because it is a basic requirement in addition to consistency to qualify for IELTS. People from under-developed countries have to make extra efforts to get financial stability which usually (takes) drifts them away from being consistent in IELTS training.

Retaking IELTS

If you get fail, you will not get a certificate. People can retake the test, but they must go to a certified institute under highly-skilled professionals’ supervision.

IELTS Exam Preparation Course Layout At Skill Riser Training Institute

Our institute is continuously overviewing recent trends and practices to assuring people take dream band scores in IELTS. The four modules that are listening, speaking, reading, and writing modules are essential features of IELTS. Our institute is persistently producing best results under auspicious of multi-talented blend of seniors and trainers.

After undergoing an IELTS course from ‘Skill Riser Training Institute,’ you will take IELTS modules as walking in the perk. We offer four different sessions. Details are as follow:

1- Listening module session

In IELTS, the first test is about listening efficiency, in which recording of academic discussion, lectures, or conversation is provided to the student, and he is then permitted to answer questions in multiple ways within thirty minutes.

Services from us: Institute offers you complete guidance to go through the listening module, making you understand paraphrasing, keywords, and listening skills. Pre and post-listening sessions are being offered to become efficient in learning and writing at the same time. Experts also provide a prediction about the listening module at our IELTS institute.

2- Speaking module session

A week before the exam, a speaking test is conducted for fifteen minutes, asking questions about your life. Then you will be required to complete a task card and have a general discussion with the examiner.

For immigration purposes, a new ‘Life Skill Test’ is conducted with no break between listening and speaking test when applying for emigration purposes. Life Skill Test is conducted at level A and Level B to check English skill capability, whether it meets the Us criteria or not. If you pass, you cannot take it for two years.

How we will help you: It’s not rocket science but just a practice base exam. Mock exam in seniors’ guidance is offered weekly to enhance fluency, vocabulary, and speaking efficiency, enabling you to get wished score.

3- Reading module session 

The reading module may throw you in the towel set if no serious efforts are inputted. Therefore, it requires the highest proficiency in real-life events subjecting people to take expert guides and tips. It is conducted in 1 hour.

Services from us: You will find it the best session related to the reading module. We offer general task reading, enhancement of skills, intensive reading, and regular tests with discussions. Time management is positioned at the top of other skills, mainly focused on taking continuous tests within given time.

4- Writing module session

What we offer: You will need a comprehensive study and skill to pass the IELTS writing test as it will give you a difficult time across various modules. In one-hour time, two tasks are offered, one related to the real-life event for 20 minutes and the other being related to abstract ideas conducted in 40 minutes.

Here we put some extra effort as it requires you to study in-depth. Complete training program is offered that will cover the following objectives:

  • Introduction about module
  • Practice tests
  • Grammatical guidance
  • Overview of past papers
  • Discussion with experts
  • Writing presentation

Our Versatility

  1. Group discussions are held daily to enhance writing and speaking power.
  2. Master writing classes are specially designed to manage any writing weakness.
  3. One-to-one classes are conducted to improve specific skills necessary to qualify IELTS test.
  4. Online training is offered to people who are unable to join at a specific place.

What Will You Get From Us?

No one is 100% perfect in this world, but we assure that you will find us an ideal place for IELTS training. Some places try to scam by making false statements about course outcomes and take away hard-earned money, but we are always ready to provide services at your doorstep. After completion of training program, you will not only learn advance skills but will also qualify IELTS with distinction.

Get ready, come and feel free to get IELTS training from a professional institute. You will access to secure career path in the developed countries.