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GMAT Course in Dubai

GMAT Course in Dubai

GMAT Course in Dubai | Everything You Need To Get Started with Raising Your GMAT Score

GMAT Course in Dubai : Taking the GMAT exam is a must for admissions to top tier MBA programs across the world. Students scoring high on GMAT can unlock various benefits that include their access to top B schools, a higher chance of securing scholarships, and better job & salary post their MBA. Students should note that scoring good in GMAT indicates to the admission committees that your candidature is exceptional and you have what it takes to enrol in an MBA program.

Often students do not have a superb bank balance. Thus they miss out on their dream of pursuing management. Well, students should note that high scorers in the GMAT exam are rewarded scholarships. You can pursue an MBA program with added ease once you clear the GMAT with the desired score. GMAT training plays an imperative role in bridging the gap between you and your successful MBA candidature. Skillriser is one of the leading GMAT trainers in Dubai with a proven track record.

Benefits Of GMAT Coaching In Dubai

We all are familiar with the saying- “Learn from the mistakes”. However, how will you know where you are making mistakes? The answer is simple, and you need a mentor. Most students think of doing self-study for a few months before giving the GMAT exam is sufficient to score good marks! Nevertheless, that is not true for everybody. When you self-study, you need to have strict discipline. You are left to fend for yourself whenever you face doubts regarding questions. Or you might spend the entire day Googling answers to find the answers to your curiosity. Hence, having a GMAT mentor who knows the subject in and out can help you big time.

  • You will receive expert guidance at every point of coaching.
  • You will learn time management. As GMAT is a time-restrictive exam, you will hardly get less than 2 minutes for each question. Hence, by learning proper time management, you can solve all the questions within the stipulated time.
  • Our GMAT experts will help you find your mistakes and correct them. This way you will not repeat those mistakes in the final GMAT exam. Even a tiny and silly-looking mistake can cost you big time.
    You will know your weak points and give more time to the weak areas. For example, if you are weak in quant, you can learn tricks and techniques to find answers in a short time.
  • You will keep track of your progress throughout the course. This way, you will know whether or not you are prepared for finals.

Time is money, and indeed while preparing for the GMAT short term course, you cannot afford to waste your time. So let us help you. At Skillriser, we help students like you who want to score 700+ in the GMAT exam. You might think that’s impossible. However, with proper guidance and regular practice, you can score 700+ in the GMAT exam. GMAT scores are valid for five years. So, suppose you are currently in your last year of college and eventually consider going to business school. In that case, it is a good idea to take the GMAT now. Whether you are looking to get started with GMAT or taking a retest, looking at what sort of problems you will face while giving the final exam is beneficial.

What Will You Learn From Our GMAT Coaching Classes in Dubai?

Skill Riser Training Institute’s GMAT Coaching is divided into four sections:

Module 1:Analytical Writing

In this section, you will learn how to form an argument and present it concisely. You will also learn how to construct Argumentative and Issue essays.

Module 2: Integrated Reasoning

  • Graphical interpretation
  • Table Analysis
  • Multi-source reasoning
  • Two-part analysis that contains relationships between two entities, simultaneous equations, etc.

Module 3: Quantitative Reasoning

  • Data Sufficiency includes geometry, algebra, arithmetic, ratios, integers, etc
  • Problem-solving

Module 4: Verbal Reasoning

  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning

The Major Objectives of Our GMAT Coaching Classes:

  • Improve your time management and critical thinking skills.
  • Know your weakness and avoid common mistakes.
  • Measure your performance across all the domains and maximize the potential
  • Clear your doubts by taking help from our GMAT experts

Why Choose Skillriser for the GMAT Preparation Course in Dubai?

The GMAT exam is 3 hours long. That is a very long time to maintain focus. For students with a short attention span, this is very challenging, especially when it requires brainpower. Hence, at the Skillriser coaching center, we help students improve their concentration. Our experts know what it is like to be preparing for the GMAT. They have gone through these stages in their early years. Hence, they can fully understand your mentality while preparing for the GMAT and help you remove the roadblocks in your journey.

Our GMAT coaching follows a structured and methodical approach for solving GMAT Problems. At Skillriser, we help you focus on your weaker sections and make them stronger by providing expert suggestions. We also provide live or on-time help to you in case of doubts.

Join us in your journey to ace the GMAT exam. Whether you are a beginner or taking a re-test, we will surely help you achieve your maximum potential.

Who Can Pursue Skillriser’s GMAT Preparation Course in Dubai?

  • Students who wish to score high in GMAT exams
  • Students giving re-exam and want to score high this time
  • Beginners who want to learn more about GMAT
  • Students already preparing for GMAT

Master All The Test-Taking Strategies For The GMAT Exam And Get Your Target GMAT Score With Our GMAT Exam Preparation Course In Dubai. By The End Of This Course, You Will:

  • Be more confident of hitting your GMAT target score.
  • Learn how to solve GMAT questions in time
  • Unlock access to top B-schools with 720+ GMAT score.
  • Learn how to analyze data and evaluate information presented in multiple formats Efficiently