Manual Accounting Training

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Course Description

  • Course Overview
  • Overview of Manual Accounting Training Course

    Also, non-accountants can learn and work as Skilled Accountants thanks to the successful training offered by Skill Riser expert instructors. Accounting is a key word in business, and someone who understands the principles of accounting will run a successful business. This course will teach you the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping, which can be applied to any form of company. Understanding the fundamentals of business is close to understanding the fundamentals of accounting. Our Foundation Course will assist you in handling your personal finances, improving bookkeeping skills, and enhancing your grasp on the financial and business worlds.

  • Curriculum
  • Introduction to Accounting

    • Getting started
    • Account Definitions
    • Branches of Accounting
    • Advantages of Financial Accounting

    Basic Accounting Concepts

    • Introduction to Transactions
    • Principles of Accounting
    • Basic Accounting Concepts
    • Double & Single Entry Systems

    Types of Accounts

    • Groups in Accounting
    • Accounting Steps or Functions
    • Accounting Types & Rules

    Recording Transactions

    • Introduction to Journals
    • Journalising & Journal Entries
    • Types of Journal Entries
    • Discounts & Banking Transactions
    • Opening Balances of Accounts
    • Return of Goods & Withdrawals

    Classifying Transactions

    • Introduction to Ledgers
    • Types of Ledgers
    • Form of an Account
    • Posting to Ledger Accounts
    • Account Balances

    Summarizing Transactions

    • Balances of Real, Personal & Nominal A/cs
    • Generation of Trial Balance

    Financial Statements

    • Ascertaining Profit or Loss
    • Introduction to Trading & Profit & Loss
    • Generation Profit & Loss Account
    • Construction of Profit & Loss Account
    • Combined Trading & Profit & Loss Account
    • Consideration of Individual Items
    • Manufacturing Account
    • Balance Sheet – A Statement of Position
    • Characteristics of Balance Sheet
    • Distinction between Revenue & Capital
    • Construction of Balance Sheet

    Adjusting & Closing Entries

    • Adjustments in Final Accounts
    • Closing Stock Entries
    • Prepaid & Outstanding Expenses
    • Accrued & Unearned Incomes
    • Depreciation, Bad Debt & Accidental Losses
    • Interest on Capital & Drawings
    • Summery of Accounts