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GED Preparation Course

GED Preparation Course

What Is GED(General Educational Development) ?

The General Education Diploma, or GED, is a United States of America high school equivalency certificate. It is intended for students who are unable to continue their education due to a variety of factors. The GED examinations are a set of four topics that, when passed, indicate that a student possesses high school-level academic skills in either the United States or Canada, and they are accepted by IBCC and HEC. The BBA program lasts four years (8 semesters) and consists of 48 courses and 144 credits.
At Skill Riser Training Institute Dubai, GED coaching and preparation lessons are taught using a combination of conventional classroom sessions and online practice sessions.

The Following Topics And Subjects Are Covered In The GED:

  • Language Arts (Writing & Reading)
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics

GED Preparation Course Are Required For The Following Reasons:

  • To be chosen for a job
  • Obtaining a promotion within the organization
  • to apply for a placement in an educational or training system
  • To achieve personal satisfaction

GED Documents Required:

  • Result Card & Certificate of O levels (if any)
  • Copy of valid passport, visa page & Emirates ID.
  • Passport size photograph (02)

Training Through Online Classes:

We have been providing Distance Learning via online classes to many sections of the UAE, as well as the GCC nations and certain parts of Asia, and have consistently produced 100% outcomes. Since of our current scenario, many students find that taking lessons online is more convenient than attending regular classrooms because it saves them time and money. Feel free to Contact Us or WhatsApp US

Book your seat today for online or offline GED exam preparation classes in Dubai.