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Revit MEP

Autodesk Revit MEP Training

Overview Of AUTODESK REVIT MEP Training Course

HVAC, plumbing, fire safety, and electrical engineers will benefit from Autodesk Revit MEP’s powerful tools. MEP engineers will connect the file to add MEP components once the architectural model is complete. They can use the program to identify collisions between components, create views, produce quantity schedules, and prepare documentation after it has been completed.

Participants will learn how to connect an architectural model, create MEP families, create spaces and zones, and conduct energy analysis in the first part of the course. The user interface and simple drawing, editing, and display software are covered first. They will learn how to build HVAC, hydronic piping, plumbing, and fire safety in the second section. They will learn how to design electrical systems in the third section. Participants will acquire a thorough understanding of the techniques needed to design, evaluate, and visualize high-quality buildings using Autodesk Revit MEP from start to finish by the end of the training.


Draftsman for MEP


MEP Engineers, HVAC, Piping, Fire Protection, and Electrical Engineers are among those who need to use Revit MEP. Skill Riser Training Institute offers the best Revit MEP Training in Dubai. Don’t miss out on securing your spot now!


  • Describe the concepts of Building Information Modelling
  • Develop better quality designs, and improve project delivery
  • Increase accuracy and help deliver a more buildable product
  • Significant impact on overall building performance

Save Time To Create Detailed MEP Projects

Module 1: Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit

Module 2: Basic Drawing and Modify Tools 

Module 3: Starting Autodesk Revit MEP Projects 

Module 4: Working with Views 

Module 5: Understanding MEP Systems 

Module 6: Spaces and Zones 

Module 7: Energy Analysis 

Module 8: HVAC Systems

Module 9: Hydronic Piping Systems 

Module 10: Plumbing Systems

Module 11: Electrical Systems 

Module 12: Creating Construction Documents 

Module 13: Annotating Construction Documents 

Module 14: Adding Tags and Schedules 

Module 15: Creating Details Module 

Module 16: Rendering