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TEKLA Software Training Dubai

TEKLA Software Training Dubai

TEKLA Software Training Dubai | TEKLA Software Course Online/Onsite Dubai

TEKLA, is a widely used software for structural analysis and design of concrete & steel structures around the globe. The software enables users to create and manage 3D structural models in concrete or steel and guides them through the process from concept to fabrication. Learning this software is a must for engineers who wish to develop a great career in structural engineering. From Skill Riser’s TEKLA Software training Course, you will get end-to-end experience on TEKLA from basic to advanced level concepts.

The Software Enables Users To Create And Manage 3D Structural Models In Concrete Or Steel And Guides Them Through The Process From Concept To Fabrication.

  • Online/ Onsite TEKLA Software Training In Dubai
  • Project Base Training
  • Hands-On Program
  • Professional Training Sessions
  • Job Oriented Program
  • 35 hours of classroom training with flexible classes

Course Outline (TEKLA Software Course):

  • Overview of Tekla Structures
  • Software demonstration
  • Creating a new model
  • Inserting gridlines and creating views
  • Modeling steel and concrete structural members
  • Editing structural members and connections
  • Introduction to profiles
  • Introduction to model management
  • Introduction to Model Organizer
  • Model-checking procedures
  • Phasing and plotting
  • Modeling steel members
  • Using system components
  • Modeling stairs, ladders, and handrails
  • Cuts in steel members
  • Instruction on how to publish a model to Tekla BIMsight
  • Adding connections and bolt groups
  • Foundation reinforcement
  • Creating basic custom components
  • Creating models concerning external drawings
  • Drawing settings
  • GA drawings
  • Assembly and part drawings
  • Numbering and marking up
  • Editing drawings
  • Cloning drawings
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Generating fabrication drawings
  • Drawing register
  • Cold rolled CAM files
  • NC files and reports
  • Sectional reports
  • Bolt and plate reports


To enroll in our TEKLA Software Training in Dubai Call us at +971 50 654 5837.