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ETABS Training in Dubai

ETABS Training in Dubai

ETABS Training Dubai | ETABS Professional Training for Structural Engineers

ETABS is an extremely effective analysis and design database created particularly for building systems. It’s full of incorporated systems with the capability to hold the biggest and most difficult construction models and configurations. This software has robust drawing tools such as CAD along with graphical and object-based borders. Skill Riser’s ETABS training course enhances the productivity of engineers who are into structural engineering.

The Course Aims To Offer Comprehensive Knowledge Of The ETABS Software And Its Applications.

  • Project Base Training
  • Hands-On Program
  • Professional Training Sessions
  • Job-Oriented Program
  • 35 hours of classroom training with flexible classes

Course Outline (ETABS Course):

  • Overview of ETABS
  • Templates and Defaults
  • User Interface of ETABS
  • Units System
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Grid System Data
  • Edit Stories and Grid Systems
  • Replicate
  • Extrude Joints to Frames
  • Extrude Frame to Shells
  • Merge Joints & Align Joints/Frames/Edges
  • Move Joints/Frames/Shells
  • Edit Frames & Edit Shells
  • Material Properties & Section Properties
  • Load Patterns & Shell Uniform Load Sets
  • Load Cases & Load Combinations
  • Draw Dimension Lines
  • Joint Objects
  • Creating Beam/Column/Brace Objects
  • Floor/Wall Objects
  • Draw Wall Stacks
  • Selection Method
  • Assign Joint, Steel, Frame Loads
  • Steel Frame Design
  • Concrete Frame Design
  • Create and Manage Drawing Sheets
  • Obtain Basic Graphical Displays
  • Tabular Display of Results
  • Summary Report
  • Export Results


To enroll in our ETABS Training in Dubai Call us at +971 50 654 5837.