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Course Description

  • Course Overview
  • 3DS MAX Training Course in Dubai | Best Autodesk 3Ds Max Course in Dubai UAE

    The 3ds studio max course will add to the skill set of any creatively inclined software programmer to tap into the extremely lucrative visual effects and motion graphics industry. A 3D animation, rendering, and modeling course for professionals cover multiple modeling techniques and specialized tools used in computer graphics and pre-visualization in rich media, game development, design, engineering, and industrial sectors.

    Learn 3DS Max Onsite/online at your own pace. Start today and improve your skills.

    • Online/ Onsite 3Ds Training In Dubai
    • Project Base Training
    • Hands-On Program
    • Professional Training Sessions
    • Job-Oriented Program
    • 35 hours of classroom training with flexible classes
  • Curriculum

      • Understanding with Create & Modify Panel with Modifiers List
      • Selecting Objects
      • Setting Object Properties
      • Hiding and Freezing Objects
      • Translating, Rotating, and Scaling Objects
      • Cloning Objects: Using the Clone command
      • Using the Align Commands
      • Using Pivot Points
      • Using Snap Options
      • Mirroring Objects: Using the Mirror command
      • Working with Groups
      • Understanding Parent, Child, and Root Relationships
      • Working with Hierarchies
      • Exploring the Modifier Stack
      • Modifying sub-objects
      • Selection modifiers
      • Exploring the Modeling Types
      • Working with Subobjects
      • Drawing and Editing 2D Splines and Shapes
      • Using Spline Modifiers
      • Converting 2D Splines and shapes to a 3D object.
      • Using Editable Poly Objects
      • Basics of Deformation Painting
      • Working with Mesh Modifiers
      • Subdivision Surface Modifiers
      • Building Compound Objects
      • Animation and Keyframe Basics
      • Using the Track Bar or Track View.
      • Basic Rendering techniques.
      • Using the Standard Material
      • Understanding Material Map Types
      • Controlling mapping coordinates, UVW Mapping.
      • Working with Cameras.
      • Lighting & Techniques.
      • Working on Advanced Materials, Camera views, and Advanced Lighting with Rendering
      • Using Space Warps
      • Using Atmospheric Effects
      • Animating and Rendering Using Atmospheric effects
      • Light Rendering with Ray-trace shadows
      • Using the Video Post Rendering

      Who Wants the 3Ds Max Course?

      • Corporate professionals who are working in this field and looking to enhance their skill set by exploring more about the latest version of the software and mastering it.
      • It’s beneficial for intermediate-level users seeking to enhance their present demo reels and marketability.
      • It is also advantageous for beginners who are searching to discover fresh career options in the 3D animation industry.
      • So, are you one of those? Then, our 3Ds Max training institute in Dubai must be your ultimate pick. We always try to provide world-class visualization that is easily accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we have designed our course very easy to make students and corporate professionals learn with ease. Our intention is very clear, we want the students who were trained at our institute to occupy the best position in the market and have sufficient skills to perform any activity with ease.